Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why I Love English

This semester has helped me realize how much I truly love English and literature.

I love that any given poem, merely a few words put together into stanzas, can have significant meaning that is entirely different for countless amounts of people.

I love that each book or poem or essay is a little peice of the writer.

I love that novels and poems and stories from all over the world can have similar themes and archetypes. It sort of connects us all as humans, I think.

I love that I can absolutely hate a book or poem, but still see its value as literature, and appreciate the writing. It creates these strange relationships with words.

And I love the complexity and diversity and possibilites... as much as people say there is no more originality left, each thing we write is original in some respect. I love it.


  1. Beth, I am SO glad you love words! We, your readers, get to benefit from that love!
    I remember when I was teaching you how to read and you practically taught yourself! It was like you were remembering something you already knew!
    I LOVE talking about books with you! I LOVE to use exclamation points! Especially when I am talking about you, amazing daughter!

  2. Ok, I'm sorry, but I can not see your love for English, but that's ok, because you can not see my love for I guess it evens out. Anyway, i'm just happy that you love something SO much!

  3. Thanks mom! I can't wait to read those books you told me about!

    And yes Emily, it is true. I can't understand your love for math... at all.