Thursday, October 1, 2009


Since it is Wednesday, (I know that it says this was posted on Thursday, but it is still Wednesday in Hawaii!) I was thinking about some things that I love that start with the letter W. I have listed and explained ten of my top favorite W things. If you think that is weird, I don't care. Its my blog. Also, weird starts with W! Wow. That's wonderful.

1. Wonderland (as in Alice in.) I just love how wacky wonderland is. I originally loved the Disney version, but I've come to love the book as well. Also I can't wait for the new version directed by Tim Burton! Finally, a version of Alice in Wonderland that would weird out Lewis Carrol.

2. Willy Wonka- As much as I love the new Willy Wonka, you just can't beat the original with Gene Wilder. And his last name starts with a W! I love everything about Willy Wonka, from his crazy hair to his purple suit. (But I don't like the scary tunnel part...)

3. Wizards- Not so much the Harry Potter wizards, but more specifically Gandalf. He's rad. Check the hat!

4. Will Smith- I love Will Smith! How can you not? He just makes me happy. And he's hot.

5. Words- I LOVE the English language. I love Words! Its how we speak, write, (another great w word,) and communicate in general.

6. Watermelon- so yummy and delicious! Sweet, refreshing, and so indicative of summer.

7. Waffles- Who doesn't love waffles? With peaches, syrup, strawberries, or whatever, waffles are wonderful.

8. Wallpaper- I love the trendy wallpaper designs coming out now, especially the ones in the home section of

9. Windows- They let in the light, and let us have the outdoors indoors. Or vice versa if you are a street urchin.

10. Whipped Cream- Oh heavenly creamyness! I love whipped cream so much. On the aforementioned waffles, on cake, on applesauce (try it, love it, crave it,) on brownies, on yogurt, or on anything! Or just plain!

Well, that was enlightening! Wild how many wacky and wonderful w words there are! Speaking of how wonderful W is, check out this vintage Sesame Street video, all about the wonderful sound of W.


  1. I love Bert....his singing is so....Wonderful! "There wouldn't be wood, would ther now?!" Ha ha! "A fine word like Waffle would turn into affle!"

    Good one Boo!

  2. Um... I pee my pants every time I think about Tim Burton's "Wonderland..." I'm so glad that's one of your favorite W's!!

    I am sad you don't like Timmy's Wonka, though :( I thought Johnny Depp was beautifull psychotic. The pleasure he got from the children's pain... priceless.

    Love ya!

  3. No I love the new Wonka! I just like the old one better. But Johnny does great as Wonka!

  4. OK, this is a kinda random list, but I love it, Beth! And as you IS your blog.

  5. beth your blog is basically the bomb.