Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Discovery

I recently discovered a pet peeve that I did not know I had. Unlike discovering five dollars you didn't know you had, or a package of unopened pop tarts under your bed that you didn't know you had, discovering a pet peeve is not a pleasant experience.

Luckily this one is not likely to happen again. If it does, I may just explode or something. Yes, it bothered me that much.

I was sitting in the school's auditorium waiting for the show to start. It was a campus-wide singing competition, and I was quite excited for it. However, much of this experience was ruined for me due to the girl sitting in front of me.

Said girl was in possession of a plethora of annoyingly perfect blonde wavy hair. It was long and very full. I should first acknowledge that the auditorium seats are the type that are scrunched in together quite tightly, so if the person in front of you leans back at all, their head is pretty much in your lap. Can you see where this is going? I didn't.

All throughout the first half of the show, the blonde girl flipped her hair up and down again and again, so it was basically rubbing all over my knees. No matter which way I moved, her hair was flopping all over my legs. Not a pleasant sensation. Along with this, as if it weren't enough, gusts of her strong-smelling shampoo repeatedly blew in my face as she flipped said hair.

ARGGH! After about two seconds of this I wanted to grab any type of cutting insturment and chop all her hair off. That may sound harsh, but it was seriously so annoying. And as Jane Austen said, "angry people are not always wise."

By some mercy, she put her hair up in a bun for most of the second half of the show. I thought my troubles were over. But NO... blonde girl decided to lean back so her chair rammed into my knees. I mean really?? Have some self-awareness, girl! Finally realizing she was bumping into me, she turns around, smiles, says "Hi" and puts her hand on my knee.... ok, like that helps at all. In fact it made her even more annoying and slightly creepy. No "sorry I'm flipping my hair all over you and ramming into you legs!' Or even just ceasing the behavior would be enough, but did she do any of this? No!

After the knee bumping, her hair came out of the bun, and I was again accosted by her hair. I have never been so annoyed with a perfect stranger.

So what is the pet peeve? I guess it is the girl herself.


  1. I totally asked you if you wanted to move into the center of the row before she sat there....sorry I didn't make you move. :(

  2. Ugh! Gross! I don't like other people's hair touching me. Heck, I can't hardly stand my OWN hair touching my neck!

    My pet peeve is when I give the students instructions and I always have that one kid who doesn't listen who says "Now, what are we supposed to be doing?"

  3. Haha that bothers me as a student too. I'm like, c'mon people, where have you been for the past twenty minutes??