Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Five Fave Movies

I thought I would try to narrow down what my very favorite five movies are and why. This has previously been something that I take by genre, as in, these are my five favorite action movies. I've never actually narrowed down what my actual favorite five movies are. It is a hard and grueling process... but here it goes.

Please note that number one is not my favorite movie. All five are all my favorites. That is as much as I could narrow it down, without quibbling about order.

1. Dear Frankie: This movie is simply beautiful. I love the acting,
the story, the location, the script, the filming, the accents...
I love watching it, and it gives me a lovely, achy, sad/happy kind
of feeling. Also, Gerard Butler, wherever you are,
 I'm pretty sure I love you.

2. Return to Me: Ah, such a great movie! I adore
this movie, due mainly to the fact that it feels so real to me. The relationships
between the characters, and the amazing chemistry is SO fun to watch. And of
course, I'm a Bonnie Hunt fan, so there you go.

3. That Thing You Do!: Yay! This is one of my most watched
movies of all time. The 60s-ness of it, the great music, not to
mention the fact that it is hilarious! I seriously want to have
"My Only Dreams" as my wedding song! I just adore this movie,
and can watch it at any time. I'm always in the mood for it.

4. Spiderman: I love the first Spiderman movie! Cheesy it certainly is, but so loveable. And so much fun to watch! I used to watch it all the time with my nephew. And in my opinion, it blows the other Spiderman movies out of the water. Its got Green Goblin! This is my favorite of all the superhero movies. Scoff if you wish, I love it!

5. Emma: While going by the Austen books, P&P is my favorite,
(or favourite,) and I love almost all the movie versions of Austen
books, the version of Emma with Gwenyth Paltrow is probably my
most watched movie. When I was 13 I watched it once a week.
I could probably quote most of the movie
along with it. This is my "having a bad day" or "feeling sick"
or "lazy afternoon" movie.


  1. I conquer with your top 5 movies!!! YES!

  2. WOW! I think I admire most your ability to actually narrow it down to only 5! BTW, except "That Thing you do" which I like, but is not one of my mostest favorites, I totally love your choices!