Thursday, October 22, 2009

Failed Experiment

So the Psychology Seniors posted flyers that interested students could come from 7 to 9pm to take some surveys to help them with their project, and that free pizza would be provided.

We showed up at 7:05, filled out four surveys, smelling the pizza the whole time, and got in line to get our pizza.

The people in front of us took the last few pieces. It was then 7:20, and they had already run out of pizza. What is that?!

I realized then that perhaps it was a side psychology study of how mobs of angry students react to being told there is no free pizza after all. I for one, was very upset. I mean, you don't throw a term like "free pizza" around lightly, especially not around starving college students with limited exposure to decent pizza. At least they should have put a disclaimer, like "first come, first serve." But no. The flyer even went so far as to say that students could stop by any time between 7 and 9, inferring that the pizza would be there from 7 to 9.

Maybe the Psych seniors have a death wish? I'm not sure.

 I get extra credit in my Psychology class for attending, so I guess it wasn't a total loss. But in all honesty, between the two, I would have preferred the pizza.


  1. beth i can see this whole thing playing out like that scene on community with the angry students at the psychology experiment!

  2. Dude, that is exactly what I thought of too!!! Hahaha!