Monday, October 12, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

I just re-watched the Disney "Beauty and the Beast." I LOVE this movie... it is definitely one of my fav Disney animated movies. That being said, it left me with some questions.

1. How did Belle get the Beast onto her horse after he fought the wolves? He must weigh like, at least 600lbs, and of course, Belle is like 89lbs... 5 of those pounds being her freaking huge eyes... maybe she has some hidden arm strength??

2. How can Lafou wait outside in the snow for days without freezing to death? He turns into a snowman, but that is no protection against frost bite and hypothermia, unless of course Lafou has some sort of strange ability to morph into a snowman, and if so, why does he hang out with Gaston?

3. How does Mrs. Potts, who is obviously rather old, as you can see at the end of the movie, have Chip, who is like, four years old?? Is he adopted??? Also, how many children does this woman have? Because there are like, fifty tea cups in the cupboard. Also, did she name her son Chip initially, or just after they got morphed into inatimate objects, and he happened to turn into a teacup with a chip in it?

4. Why does Gaston go after the Beast with a bow and arrow when he has that huge gun? Is he just stupid? It can't be because he's a good sportsman, because he totally cheap shots the Beast twice.

5. How does Chip get the log cutting maching going? He has no hands, or legs! It shows him looking at the machine, then cuts to him blowing up the fire inside of the machine. Where did he get the log? How did he start the fire?

Ok, so I realize that this is an animated movie, and I'm probably over-thinking it, but still... it makes you wonder.

Some other thoughts about the movie... I have always loved the Beast waaay better than the prince he turns into... I cried about it when I was little... and I have to admit, I got a little teary when the Beast is laying there dying, and he's like "At least I got to see you.... one more time..." I think this is one of the reasons behind my love for German shepherds... the beast kinda looks like one.

I also wish he would have retained his manly voice, because his voice isn't nearly as hot after he turns back into a man. Too bad the Beast couldn't have been able to morph in and out of Beast form at will after the curse is broken. It would be handy, seeing as the castle is apparently surrounded by rabid wolves. Plus I bet Belle, in her secret heart, found the Beast pretty hot. And I think the public attitude about the Prince after he's out of Beast form is rather negative, despite the message of the movie that appearances don't matter... because when I googled Beauty and the Beast, all the pictures that came up were of Belle and the Beast when he's in Beast form...

After he turned into a man, I found myself wishing he could have a fist fight with Gaston, man to man. But then I thought that maybe he wouldn't have won, because Gaston is pretty freaking ripped. He eats five dozen eggs daily, after all. And he can break a belt with his neck.

Any way, I just love this movie. The soundtrack is beautiful, and I hope that the new animated Disney movie is good like these old classic Disney movies! It made me feel very nostalgic. Oh, and I thought it would be so cool for someone to make a really good live action version of Beauty and the Beast. All the ones I've seen have been weird... although the black and white one in French is pretty cool.


  1. Beth, I have a few other quandries about this movie.

    First of all, in the "Be our guest" song, the lyrics clearly state "ten years we've been rusting..." but at the beginning of the movie it said the enchanted rose would wilt on the prince's 21st year? So that means that the prince was 11 when the enchantress turned him into a beast?

    My other issue is that Belle seems to be at the castle for roughly a week, according to the activity going on in town. In that one week, it changes completey from summer to winter.

    Also, this movie seems to take place in the late 18th century, yet in the "be our guest" number, the silverware makes a little eiffle tower... which wasn't built until the 1800's.

    Oh, and when Gaston comes to propose to Belle, after she kicks him out, there is an obvious wedding crowd outside. She then IMMEDIATELY goes outside to feed some chickens and run across a field, and the crowd magically disappeared. Those are some quick villagers!

    I love beauty and the beast too... but these are things that worry me. This should show you how many times I've watched the show :)

  2. Oh dear! Too many questions and now I am puzzling about them all.
    I was always very glad they had Belle be a reader. I like the message of this movie better than the Little Mermaid message which seems to be, "Act like a spoiled brat and disobey your father and you will get what you want in the end".
    BTW, I laughed at your writing in this--Love it!

  3. These are all so hilarious! Man! Belle's eyes really DO weight five pounds!!

  4. I totally thought of the eifle tower thing too! And I thought about the 11 year one today... weird that I'm still thinking about this... but I actually thought of another one. Where is his family? If he is an eleven year old prince, don't you think he would have a mom and dad? Where are they?