Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ocean

The ocean here is the most beautiful ocean in the world. Ok, so I haven't seen every ocean in the world, but the ocean here is absolutely amazing. That's my point.

Every time I get view of the ocean, it makes me catch my breath, and just stare. I think I might be in love with it. It makes me giddy.

Certainly, compared to the gray and silty ocean of Alaska, (though pretty in its own way,) this ocean seems a completely different being. Friendlier. The ocean in Alaska is cold and dark and mysterious. This ocean, on sunny days at least, is friendly, inviting, calling you to "come in, the water's fine!"

Every time I leave the beach, I want to go back again.

In Pride and Prejudice, Mary Bennet says "What are men compared to rocks and mountains?" I ask this in a different form. "What are men compared to the ocean?" (The Hawaiian one, anyway!) But perhaps that is an unfair comparison... 

In any case, I'm going to miss this ocean when I go home! Its Alaskan counterpart probably won't even be glad to see me. At least my family will be.

(And yes, I did take these pictures.)


  1. I hate it when Alaska takes you for granted.

  2. Beth! Once again you entertain and delight me! Thanks! PS GOOD PHOTOS!!!