Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unexpected Visitor

I looked down at around midnight to see a toad blinking up at me from the floor of my room.
Initially, I was rather startled, as is expected upon suddenly seeing a normally outdoor creature indoors. He (for the purposes of this entry, I will refer to the toad as a male. But it could have been a female. I'm really not sure) hopped into my nightstand, and eyed me warily.

I took a couple pictures of him, for purposes of facebook and my blog, and the flash moved him into action. He hopped out of my bookcase, and across the floor, settling under my roommate's bed.

It is a funny thing... whenever there is some sort of unwanted creature in my room, it is always when I'm there by myself, with my roommate nowhere to be found. I texted her: Just fyi, there is a toad under your bed. Her reply: Hahahahahahah My reply: Do you want me to try and shoo it out? Her: Duh, lol. (As an side note, my roommate is a chronic LOL'er.)

I suppose I thought she would come home to get the thing out herself, but I had nothing important to do, so I went with my flip flop (just in case) to get it out. I kicked around the bed, and heard it hopping around under there. I then spotted it in the corner, and found myself whistling at it as I would a dog, and saying "come on, little buddy! The door is right here! Come on!" I then realized that toads do not respond to whistling from humans, nor do they speak English. (As far as I know.) So I repositioned the door, and he finally made a flying leap through the door crack, turning himself sideways to get out.

To my dismay, he did NOT hop right outside as any smart toad would, but hopped down the hallway towards the bathroom. I heard someone showering, and considered just letting it go... but I felt too bad. Suppose he hopped in the shower? Not only would that probably startle whoever was showering, it would most likely make her scream, which would potentially wake up several people, and I would be responsible. No, my conscience would not let me leave it be. So I followed it down the hallway, and into the bathroom.

He hopped right outside the stall of the girl showering. I quickly circled around the other side of the bathroom to head him back from whence he came. Thankfully it worked, and he was soon out in the hall again. But the stupid thing refused to hop outside! I think it must have been the thunder and lightening. Any way, I finally herded it outside, and noticed it still had a trail of dust on its back leg from when he was under the bed.

I went back to my room, and closed the door. I didn't want any other visitors.

There he is, in my nightstand. He's really kind of cute, and I'd much rather have him than the other visitor I had in September, aka the huge cane spider. I even prefer toads to El Torro, the cockroach of August.

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