Thursday, November 5, 2009

School VS Beachbum

As I was studying my brains out for my Psychology midterm tonight, and thinking happily to myself that soon I could go to sleep, I had the horrible rememberence that I have to finish reading Heart of Darkness by tomorrow morning.

How did I forget this?! I almost cried. I'm so tired, and sick of studying, and the thought of staying up for another hour and a half to read that book makes me a little sick.

So this got me thinking. What about becoming a beach bum? I mean, it is right there! So close. I could just drop out of my classes (or just stop going. Why bother with formalities?) and go lay out every day until I go home for Christmas! Not only would I get a killer tan, I would probably meet a lot of interesting people while laying there doing nothing.

*Sigh* Time to start reading, or I will be up even later. Because yes, I am kidding. Mostly.

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