Thursday, March 18, 2010


Anthropologie home is the love of my life. Ok, not really. But I adore their home section. Their bedding, mirrors, furniture, ahh i just love it!

Too bad it is so expensive that I would have to sell myself into slavery to afford it. That is a bit extreme, but really, when you have almost no money, something that costs $300 may as well be $3 million.

Probably my favorite thing is their crazy hardware! I bought two knobs last time I was in their store. Just two, random knobs that I have no use for but desperately needed. If I ever become an eccentric collector, I think my collection of choice will be knobs.

Any way, I occasionally peruse Anthropologie's home section and drool. I'm also working on how to re-create some of their stuff at home. We'll see how it turns out!


  1. I love the clothes! Too bad I don't fit in any of it :( That's how I don't spend money there ;)

  2. I just spent about $500 dollars there today on the clothes. CURSES!! But, worth every's a little too expensive, I buy things mostly on sale.