Saturday, February 13, 2010


I just had a super great night eating an entire carton-thingy of Ben and Jerry's ice cream while watching a chick flick. Was I attempting to drown my single-ness in said ice cream? Maybe... Yes. Most likely.

Any way, I watched the movie in my room while laying down, and now I am extremely comfortable. The problem? Well, the movie is over, and it is now back to the DVD menu. The song keeps playing over and over again. And over again. I think it is on its five billionth time. I'm too comfortable (and too lazy) to get up and turn it off.

You may be thinking to yourself, hey, this isn't the stone age. Pick up the remote and turn it off!

I'd love to, except my remote fell victim to the great battery-theft of 2009. So here I sit, remoteless, sick from ice cream, and listening to the same two minute song looped over and over again. I will get up soon, though, because I have to pee.

And you probably didn't want to know that. Don't blame me. This is coming from the girl who just ate an entire carton of ice cream... so obviously I'm only so so in the sanity department.

Happy freakin Valentine's Day.

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  1. Happy Single Awareness Day Boo! I miss you! I wish I was there to eat an entire Ben and Jerry's by myself with you! Same as last year, I am sick as a dog on Valentine's Day/Weekend. Let's hope I can make it into town. I <3 you!